Is Clover Point of Sale Right for Your Industry?

You may have heard that Clover 2.0 is quickly growing in popularity as a modern and user-friendly point of sale system. The main industries that have bought into the system are, unsurprisingly, retail and restaurants. However, it can be helpful in other industries as well. These are some examples of businesses that may use this system that you wouldn’t think of.


Many hotels are running on woefully outdated software. With the right hotel POS, your business may be able to run more smoothly. The key advantage of using a point of sales system is that it can combine other aspects of your business operations with your payment processing. It is easier to keep track of which rooms are used, when they are cleaned and much more.

The Clover POS system is very flexible. It lets you customize the user interface to work for your organization. Plus, you can choose the hardware that works for your business. Have a hotel with a front desk? Using the Clover Station would be perfect. Have vacation rentals spread over multiple locations? The Clover Flex may be for you.


Automotive services businesses can also benefit from Clover. As a highly flexible point of sale solution, it can adapt to the unique needs of each business. It is ideal for combining product and service sales as with an automotive business. Whether you are providing maintenance services, selling cars or washing them, the right point of sale solution will help you run your business.

Using Clover as your automotive POS system, you can handle everything from payment processing to schedule appointments to keeping track of your inventory. Need to ring up someone for an oil change? Your POS system will automatically subtract that oil from your stock figures. It makes running your whole business easier.


Do you need a point of sale system for your healthcare business? Clover can help you manage your appointments, accept a wide variety of payments and keep track of all your essential business data.

Better yet, it is so easy to use that your team can pick it up quickly. Many small healthcare businesses do not have people dedicated to accepting payments. Having a simple and powerful POS system means that any of your team members can process a payment.

Spas and Salons

Clover can also be helpful for appointment-based businesses such as spas and salons. With the addition of the salon and spa Booker POS, which works with Clover, you can schedule appointments online, send out promotional emails and more.

In other words, Clover and Booker are the one-stop-shop for running your spa or salon. Upgrading could help you achieve greater success in your appointment-based business.

Upgrade Today

Could Clover point of sale work for your business? It is a powerful tool that every organization should consider. The flexibility means that you can adjust the system to meet your needs. Although there are many good POS systems on this market, Clover continues to be the top choice of many businesses. That is because it can work for your organization no matter what industry you are in.

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