Rappers who have expanded their empire

Have you ever asked who the world’s wealthiest rappers are? We are going to explain to you.

Rappers are infamous for huge homes, luxury vehicles and lavish purchases; and it’s no surprise when you glance at just how much some of them make.

Rappers who have widened their empires:


The 32-year-old Canadian is, by a decade, the youngest on this chart, but he’s rapidly gaining ground on the elder statesmen in hip-hop. Over the past year, Drake’s wealth has increased by 50%, driven by assets spanning from real estate to his Virginia Black whisky, as well as a lucrative tour and current residency at the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas.

DJ Khaled:

DJ Khaled is among the highest-paid hip-hop musicians in the world: according to Forbes, he received $27 million in 2018.

The 43-year-old founder of Palestinian-American rock, whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled, understands what it’s like to be on the other side of the continuum of riches. His parents, Palestinian refugees, landed in their 20s in New Orleans with just $20 to their credit.

His artistic success achieved noted heights of popularity, and he was eligible for many awards as well. He has earned over ninety awards and still has many awards, including a 2017 American Music Award for “I’m the One” for Favorite Rap / Hip-Hop Album.

What does DJ Khaled do? Aside from making his own music to the tune of several hundred songs and twelve records, DJ Khaled is well recognized for the music of others as a composer and DJ. He founded a record label of his own, We the Best Music Company, which is responsible for the works of many popular musicians.

Kanye West:

Forbes claims Kanye West is now technically a billionaire after updating his accounts upon request.

A recent US business magazine survey priced the rapper and design entrepreneur at $1.3billion. West’s interest in his Yeezy sneaker line, which Forbes estimated was worth $1.26 billion, is the majority of the money.

West’s music made up a comparatively limited portion of the wealth, despite being one of last 20 years’ highest-selling musicians. His Strong Music agency, and his discography copyright, is priced at at least $90 million.

Despite claiming $53 million in debt and calling for $1 billion to Mark Zuckerberg to finance potential inventions in 2016, West makes its appearance on this list due to another patron: Adidas, who attracted West and his Nike Yeezy fashion project many years earlier. Our estimation of the riches of the West is almost completely focused on a realistic calculation of the importance of the name. He might one day follow his sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner, as a billionaire, as it begins to scale up.

Fifty Cent:

Early in Vitamin Water’s past, 50 Cent decided to support the substance for a minority stake in the business. Curtis Jackson and Vitamin Water collectively dropped the marketed Formula 50 beverage. Fast-forward a decade and the purchase of Coca-Cola and the minority share of 50 of Vitamin Water was currently worth $500 million. Not all of the investments of 50 Cent hit the jackpot, but the rapper has a profitable film production business named Cheetah Vision that pumps out low-budget action movies for international audiences, rendering Roger Corman of 50 Cent hip-hop. His headphone relationship with SMS Audio has not caught on like Beats by Dre.


As industry trends weigh on some of his assets, including cable network Rebellion and apparel label Sean John, the artist formerly identified as Puff Daddy slips to No. 3 on this list as industry trends weigh on some of his assets (although Diddy has sold most of his share in the latter, he maintains a substantial piece). Yet Ciroc, his fortune’s key engine, is rising again after case numbers have dropped from all-time peaks over the last few years — making the impresario maybe the most possible nominee to enter Jay-Z in the billion-dollar community.

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