What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Miniature Load Cells?

Most of the load cell applications have size limitation when it comes to the size of the load cells that are to be used. The miniature load cells are advised to be used when the smallest size and weight of the sensor is needed. There are many people who deem miniature load cell as the more capable sensor, for a certain application where there is no need for a miniature load cell.

It means that their application could have worked better and more accurately if they have had chosen a larger load cell, but rather they chose the miniature or subminiature choice that wouldn’t be a perfect one. These miniature load cells are ideal for applications where the accuracy for test or scale may not be that important.

Many applications don’t need high level of accuracy and that’s where miniature load cell comes to the rescue. In many cases, these load cells are also much expensive than other bigger counterparts. The distinction in the cost is due to the difficulty in manufacturing it than the standard sized load cells. They must be costly, but it is all worth when they fulfill your needs.

There is a miniature version of every like of load cell, and every load cell has multiple types according to the size in the mini category such as micro, subminiature, and miniature. The smaller they are, the more the accuracy is eliminated and more the cost.

On an average, these load cells have a non-repeatability specification of around 0.2 to 1 percent of the full capacity. When it comes to portable applications, a miniature load cell could be needed particularly for bigger capacity sensors. The biggest advantage being the convenience factor, they are easy to handle and can easily fit with the load cell displays for the portable jobs. To be able to secure the equipment easily can eliminate the odds of damage during transport. Many manufacturers tend to specialize in standard load cells and other varieties of miniature load cells too.

Even though the size is strain gauge based sensors nonetheless, it is uncommon that the manufacturer specializes in building them both. They usually select one or the other as their primary product line and implement a few other to provide options to the customers. The suppliers must be well acquainted with the sales technician job to inform the customer if a standard load cell is ideal for their application or a miniature load cell is.

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