Advantages of Buying Your Bike Insurance Policy Online

Bikes are great for travelling on roads trips as well as for covering short distances. They don’t take too much space on the roads or in the parking lot. However, Indian roads are infamous for accidents, and bike accidents are quite common! One way to ensure complete protection for your precious two-wheeler would be to get a bike insurance policy.

A bike insurance policy will provide you with adequate support to handle the damages if your two-wheeler is involved in an accident. With the whole world making a shift towards the internet, many vehicle insurance companies now offer their services online, making it easy for their customers to research and purchase bike insurance online. Individuals simply have to visit the insurer’s website and follow the basic steps to purchase the plan.

Advantages of buying bike insurance online:

  1. More options:

If you are purchasing insurance to protect your bike, you must make informed decisions, as the insurance you choose will have to provide enough protection to your bike. Buying the policy online will help you compare the different plans available in the market offered by insurance companies.

Along with this, when you have the benefits and advantages of different plans available in front of you, you can check them all in a few easy clicks. After getting a better understanding of the plans available, you can select a suitable one for you. Many insurers like Tata AIG provide bike insurance premium calculator on their websites. These calculators can be quite helpful when comparing different plans.

  1. Accessible at all times:

There are no time restrictions while shopping online, and the same goes for purchasing an insurance policy. With the websites being available 24×7, buying an insurance policy becomes quite easy as you can browse insurance policies at your convenience.

In the offline purchase method, you don’t have a choice outside of their working hours and business days. Buying two-wheeler insurance online can be a boon for everyone who prefers online purchases, even when they’re on the go.

  1. Saves times, energy and money:

In the offline method, you would have to take out time from your schedule, set an appointment with the insurance company, gather relevant documents and spend copious amounts of your time dealing with the purchase.

However, in the online method, you can finish the purchase within a matter of minutes. You would have to follow the steps and finish the purchase, after which the insurance company would send you a softcopy of your policy.

  1. Minimal paperwork:

Buying the policy online involves minimal paperwork as compared to the offline method. With the online method, you can directly buy the bike insurance and make the payment smoothly via digital channels. The entire process saves a significant amount of paper and reduces the stress of carrying out the paperwork and submitting physical documents.

  1. Simple renewal:

The method of renewing your policy online is straightforward when you conduct it online. You only have to visit your insurer’s website, follow the renewal steps, and make the payment. After following these steps, the insurer will send you the policy instantly. And if you aren’t looking to renew your policy with the same insurer, you can simply switch to another insurance company.

  1. Stress-free changes:

When you purchase an insurance policy for your bike online, it becomes easy for you to make amendments to your policy online. You will need to fill out the amendment form, attach the required documents before sending it to the insurance company. Once you have finished these steps, the amendment is done, and a copy will be sent to you through email.

  1. Unbiased information:

When you opt for the offline method, you will have to purchase the policy through an insurance agent’s help. Insurance agents may sell you a plan that may not fit your requirements. However, when you purchase the plan online, you are in complete control of the decision-making process, and you get accurate information about the policy without anyone’s intervention.

  1. Secure payment methods:

When you buy a two-wheeler insurance policy online, you are not only given multiple payment options but are also assured of a safe payment mode. To make the purchase convenient, insurers provide different methods like internet banking, mobile banking, UPI payment and so on. You also get the receipt of the payment, ensuring a safe transaction.

  1. Cost-effective:

You can save a lot of money when you buy the policy online. There are a lot of overhead costs you can easily avoid during the online process. The cost of labour, as well as paperwork, is completely eliminated in the online process unless you choose to have a hard copy of your insurance papers.

Additionally, insurers tend to offer discounts for boosting the online purchase of insurance policies. This, in turn, helps the policy buyers to avail of lower insurance premiums on their policies.


In the past, individuals would buy the insurance policy by visiting the insurer’s offices. However, in these futuristic times, we can purchase them from anywhere by simply visiting the insurer’s website. Buying insurance online not only speeds up the process but also ensures that you have the liberty to carry out as much research you want.

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