Complete details about Spectrum. Is Spectrum worth the deal?

Spectrum came into being in the year 2014. This was after Charter Communications acquired Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. Spectrum offers TV phone and Internet services. Currently, spectrum is active in 41 states all across the nation of the US. Like the other cable and Internet service providers, spectrum also has different tiers from which the customers can choose as per their needs and requirements. Similarly, two tiers are also present in the case of the cable TV plans. Spectrum offers three different cable TV plans for customers to choose from:

  • Spectrum TV select
  • Spectrum TV silver
  • Spectrum TV gold

Spectrum TV select provides its customers with 125 channels. Spectrum TV silver provides its users with over 150 channels and finally, spectrum TV gold provides its users with over 175 channels. Spectrum also has a channel line-up option available in which the customers can avail themselves of extra channels of their liking along with their current tier. To avail of the extra channels, customers will have to pay an additional amount on a per month basis.

In the case of Internet packages, spectrum allows the option of bundling the internal package with the phone and TV packages. If you choose to go for the bundle option, you will only have to pay one amount every month to avail of services of all three options. If you choose to go for individual options, you may have to pay a little higher.

One issue that the customers have reported is that after a year, there is a price hike. If you wish to avoid this price hike, before your twelve-month period is over, contact the customer service on numero de spectrum and ask them for the latest promotional offers. The customer service section of spectrum is very friendly and understanding. They will help you with your problem and let you know if any of the promotional offers are available. You can use these promotional offers to bring your price down. Again, when your promotional offer is about to expire, you should contact the customer service spectrum and check if there is any other promotional offer going on. The only unfortunate part of this is that you have to keep calling customer service support every time your promotional offers are about to expire.

Why should you opt for spectrum?

  • You will be availing of a wide variety of channels.
  • You are allowed to select which type of channels you want. You can add channels from the channel list of spectrum to your channel line-up and have a custom line-up that includes all your favorite TV show channels.
  • You are allowed to go for any of the TV plans that spectrum has available.
  • Spectrum is affordable for people of all classes. Even those who have a tight monthly budget can afford Spectrum.
  • Spectrum offers many ways for its customers to customize their packages depending on their needs and preferences.
  • Spectrum offers channels in regional languages as well.
  • If you face any technical difficulty with the TV, or Internet, you can get in touch with spectrum chat. They will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Sometimes, spectrum may seem to be a little heavy on the pocket. Suppose, the customer chooses to purchase another channel. Then, the customer will have to pay an extra to avail of that channel. There is no option switching one of the channels in their existing TV plan with the channel they want. Thus, this creates a problem for those families who are on a tight budget.

Other options available with spectrum

Spectrum TV choice

Spectrum TV choice is primarily responsible for offering channels that are a part of the regional broadcasting network. Suppose you go for spectrum TV choice. Then you will be allowed to choose 10 different cable channels to add to the channels that are already a part of the TV package that you have selected for yourself. This feature is great when you are trying to make a custom channel line-up. The customers are also allowed to opt for premium channels like Hallmark etcetera you can pay some additional money to get these channels added to your channel line-up.

Spectrum TV essentials

If you decide to go for spectrum TV essentials, you will be availing of a 62-channel line-up. This channel line-up can be added to your current package for an additional price. Your line

The primary problem with spectrum is that the customers have to keep calling every time their agreement or promotional offers are allowed to expire so that they can keep the prices down. Those who do not have the time or give up on calling spectrum have to pay higher prices than others who have applied promotional offers. This has been known to be a deal-breaker for the current customers of spectrum

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