Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are one of the most common and elegant floor options that homeowners are choosing today. They add a charming style to the house like no other type of floor does. However, maintaining hardwood floors like the oak floor is quite tiresome for some homeowners. It needs a higher level of knowledge and care to last long and look good. So, if you have invested in the hardwood floor, avoid making the following mistakes.

Using the Wrong Cleaners

One mistake you can make is using common household detergents. Such like ammonia-based and vinegar cleaners are cost-effective household cleaning solutions. However, you must know that such products harm hardwood floors. Even if they are excellent at removing the dirt, they will slowly eat away the surface. So, it is best to avoid such products, including baking soda and abrasive sprays. The best cleaning products are oil-based since they form a protective layer on the surface and do not affect the appearance.

Using the Wrong Vacuum Attachment

Your vacuum cleaner has various attachments that you can interchange depending on what you want to clean. However, these too affect the floor. It is, therefore, recommended to use the correct head attachment to avoid scratching the floor. The best is an attachment with a soft brush to ensure there is less friction on the hardwood floor. It is also wise to choose a vacuum with a smaller or lighter cylinder to ensure you don’t leave dents and marks on the floor when moving.

Using Excess Water to Clean

Wood is porous and tends to absorb a lot of water with time. Therefore, using a lot of water on the floor will only damage it further. Eventually, you may notice that the wood is swelling up or warping. So, avoid pouring too much water on the wood. Instead, use a damp mop to clean the floor without causing any damages. As mentioned above, wood is porous, and leaving liquids on the surface will damage it more. So, if there are spills, ensure you clean them immediately. Immediate cleaning will not only avoid the damage but will also prevent leaving stains or discolored patches.

Using the Wrong Method of Cleaning

The way you clean your hardwood floor matter too. Remember, wood is different from tiles and other flooring materials. So, it is best to know the right way to clean the floor. One of the things you need is to use the right cleaning products and tools. After that, make sure you know how to clean wood the right way. Know the motion and the amount of pressure to apply. If you do not know anything about cleaning hardwood floors, it is best to ask the manufacturer for help or call professional cleaners.


These are the common mistakes different homeowners make when cleaning their wood floors. You should know about them and avoid damaging your floor. Know the correct method of cleaning and avoid using too much water. The most important thing is to avoid using harsh chemicals and the wrong tools if you wish to have a durable and beautiful floor.

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