Get To Know What You Should Ask Your Dropshipper

To avoid unhappy consumers, it’s best practice to inform shoppers that their dropship order will be dispatched directly from the manufacturer. However, you need to know how long your customers will have to wait. Therefore you should inquire with your dropshipping provider about their order turnaround time.

Customers will be encouraged to place orders if they wait too long. Therefore it’s in your best interest to have your supplier agree to a timeline that works for you.

How do you know which courier service they use?

Exactly how does the dropshipping firm get the products to the end users? Do they employ a large, dependable organization like UPS or DHL to transport your things, or do they try to save money by using a smaller, less dependable outfit?

You should also inquire about their basic shipping service and the typical delivery time to the consumer. Suppose your clients must wait longer than necessary to acquire the items you dropship. In that case, it defeats the purpose of having an excellent company that delivers impressive dropship products at reasonable costs.

Do you have tracking numbers if you order?

Knowing if you can track your orders with the drop shipping provider is essential. Once a product has left a supplier’s facility, you should receive a tracking number from them.

So that you can rest easy and provide the information to the client so they may monitor the delivery status of their order (which is just excellent customer service), we’ve included this feature.

You should go elsewhere if a vendor doesn’t provide a tracking number. Otherwise, you’ll have to find out if the shipment went through or if the item ended up somewhere else.

How does their return procedure work?

A reliable dropship vendor should provide high-quality items for your clients, but returns are inevitable. Ignorance, or a change of heart, might explain the problem.

Find out the specifics of your supplier’s return policy, such as whether or not the buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping, whether or not they may choose between a refund and a replacement, and so on. This will help you ensure that your returns policy doesn’t make any claims your provider can’t fulfil.

How much do their dropshipping fees cost?

Dropship Suppliers will increase the product’s price to account for packaging and delivery costs. Discover what it takes to ship your goods to a consumer and how much it costs before deciding how much to charge. Some dropshipping companies may charge for shipment, but you should only work with those that want to get paid to give you merchandise.

Does this company operate as a blind dropshipper?

Your dropshipper is “blind” if they don’t include any of their branding on the packaging your buyer receives.

Your firm will benefit greatly from this change, as customers will no longer be puzzled when they purchase from one company but receive their product from a different one. It’s worth asking since some dropship vendors will even label the boxes with your company’s name.


Once you’ve found a legitimate dropship provider, you need to learn how they do business so you can effectively manage your client relationships. You need to find out if your dropshipping provider works how you want them to, asking plenty of questions. If they don’t, you should inquire whether they are adaptable. If they can’t, although giving out positive vibes, they may not be the best option for a provider.

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