Olugbenga Agboola and the Financial Industry 

Olugbenga Agboola was originally from Lagos, Nigeria, and has since made waves in the U.S. with his innovations. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned his business administration degree. He then earned IT certifications and then got a degree in project management and advanced computing from a British university. He also earned a master’s degree in the field of IT security and behavioral engineering. He has a strong educational background that prepared him well for all of the innovation that was to come.

Early Career

He worked for a number of companies in different roles in his early career. Olugbenga Agboola worked for British Telecom Professional Services as an application developer. He then moved to a position at PayPal as an application engineer and stayed for several years. Then, he moved to Standard Bank and worked as the company’s transactional product development manager. He then went back to MIT to complete the Fundamentals of Finance for The Technical Executive at the school. He also took Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy and went through the Supply Chain Strategy and Management program and the Essential IT for Non-IT Executives program. All of these programs helped him to develop leadership skills in the tech world and to have a firm grasp on the industry.

He worked for Standard Bank Nigeria as a project manager and product developer. He then went to Sterling Bank and became the Head of Mobile Finance Services, learning a lot about the world of mobile financial systems. Olugbenga Agboola took a few other jobs in the banking industry and joined Africa Fintech Foundry as the senior entrepreneur in residence. Currently, he works with the Royal Bank of Scotland business as an entrepreneur. He has also continued his education, taking part in programs at Wharton and Northwestern University. Olugbenga Agboola built a wide range of skills that he uses as an entrepreneur in the finance sector. He has skills in JavaScript, PHP, product management, retail banking, server administration and in many more areas.

Digital Payment Services

In 2011, he started a project for mobile money transactions that gives banking services to the public through their phones. They can even use it to get an ATM withdrawal without using a card. It also allows for the public to open a bank account through their phones and to pay bills and have quick access to merchant services.

He co-founded the company Flutterwave, a company that is based in both Lagos and in San Francisco. This company works within the financial services industry. It is an infrastructure for digital payments, and it allows for secure payments for businesses and banks. Olugbenga Agboola started as the company’s chief technology officer of the company. IN 2018, he became Flutterwave’s CEO and has stayed in that role, leading the company forward with security and innovation. He also serves as a financial technology engineer and an entrepreneur. His many years in fintech companies has taught him a lot about the financial services industry and the need for security.

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