How Can FUT Hair Transplant Bring Back Your Natural Looking Hair?

When you plan to undergo any cosmetic surgical procedure the utmost requirement is the natural looking outcomes. Similarly, the hair transplant technique demands the maximum possible coverage of the bald area along with the natural looking hairline which is essential. Thus, these cosmetic surgeries including hair transplant demands the surgeon not only with excellence in surgical skills but also great sense of art.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure which involves the harvesting or extraction of hair follicles from the donor area which is selected based on the hair density available at the DHT resistant areas. These harvested hair follicles are then transplanted at the recipient bald site. The most common donor area is the back and side of the head or alternatively could be the body hairs.

Hair transplant in Jaipur is widely available and is a popular technique because of the high demand of the procedure. Hair loss sufferers from around the globe prefer Jaipur as their hair transplant tourism destination because of the renowned hair transplant surgeon practising in the pink city. Hair transplant cost in Jaipur has become very affordable so as due to oversaturation of the clinics providing hair transplant procedures.

Hair transplant techniques

Hair transplant can be performed using 2 techniques which are differentiated based on the graft harvesting technique:

  1. FUT hair transplant technique: FUT hair transplant technique is performed by harvesting the strip from the donor area which is then dissected in the graft separation room for retrieval of individual hair grafts. These follicular units are then transplanted at the recipient site according to the hairline designed prior to performing the hair transplant. This technique provides the provision of harvesting 3000 – 3500 hair grafts and also allows preservation of follicular grafts for future sittings. Each of the steps is performed under high magnification for ensuring the maximum survival of the hair follicles. These techniques are preferred in extensive bald cases as could provide more number of hair grafts.
  2. FUE hair transplant technique: FUE hair transplant technique involves the extraction of follicular units from the donor area using a surgical device. These extracted hair follicles are then transplanted at the recipient site. This technique provides the provision of harvesting 2000 – 2500 hair grafts which makes it preferred in initial bald cases and facial hair transplant.

How to achieve natural looking hairs from FUT hair transplant?

Natural looks followed by hair transplant is inevitable as the hair transplant is a permanent procedure and cannot be redone. Earlier the hair transplant procedures were not successful enough to provide natural results and resulted in plugged hairs. But now with the advent of advancements in FUT technique it has become possible to achieve extremely natural results.

Therefore, it is surely possible to have natural results by FUT hair transplant technique and this technique have multiple added advantages over FUE hair transplant technique.

FUT hair transplant technique offers natural looking results as this could provide higher number of hair grafts which can be selected and used appropriately to design extended hairline region.

With the help of this technique, we can selectively harvest single or multiple grafts required to be transplanted in the frontal line or temporal region and in other bald sections.

The suturing of donor area followed by FUT technique is performed by “trichophytic closure”. This approach has omitted the biggest disadvantage of the FUT technique which is scaring and successfully provides almost invisible scarring like FUE technique.

 “Extended hairline region” plays an important  role in natural hairline look which is comprised of  3 zones named transition zone, defined zone and frontal tufts. These zones are designed separately based on their requirements of hair follicles alignment. In transition zone, single grafts are preferred and planted following irregularly irregular zigzag pattern. Multiple grafts are preferred defined zone and frontal tufts with higher density.

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If you are looking for a perfectionist, then visit Medispa clinic for the blissful experience of hair transplant.




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