A Guide to Learn About Resetting of WordPress Website

WordPress has become one of the most sought after content management systems for website developers. From just a simple tool for blogging, it has grown into a modern and powerful web development platform that can do almost anything.

If you are redesigning your WordPress website to include professional-level plugins and themes, then you will need to reset your WordPress enabled site. Let us looks at some of the main reasons, where you would need to reset it.


Beginners will find the need of resetting WordPress website after testing website settings, or after trying different themes and plugins. They may publish some posts, or create new users, and test functionality of those users. They may want to change themes and upload some images to find out how things perform.

Resetting might be needed after testing newly installed plugins and themes. Testing of themes and plugins takes up a lot of time. It takes time to find the fast executing themes and plugins, out of the extensive collection of WordPress tools available in the repository. Resetting is the best way to begin from scratch, without going through the entire installation procedure again.

WP Reset is one of the leading WordPress development tools. It is also popular among non-developers. It helps in saving time after theme testing, installing plugins, coding, and debugging. It also gives you the option to restore your WordPress site to default in a single click.


Developers will need to test themes and plugins on a clean WordPress website. After the testing phase, WP Reset plugin allows them to reset site in a single click, without having to go through the time consuming installation process.

Ways to reset your WordPress site

If you wish to reset the WordPress website in just a single click, then it is recommended to try the free of cost WP Reset plugin. The way to use this plugin is quite simple.

  • In your WordPress CMS, Go to Tools and click on WP Reset
  • Now select Post Reset Actions
  • Now type in “reset”
  • Click on the option “Reset WordPress” button
  • You can now Reset your WordPress website

After these steps, you need to confirm the changes that you have made, and wait for a few minutes. You will get a freshly installed WordPress site when you login the next time.

WP Reset options and features

With WP Reset, you have got dozens of options. It also has some other features that can assist you in debugging, testing, and developing the website. Make sure you check all the active plugins and themes before resetting everything.

WP Reset allows you to do a selective reset.  Instead of doing a full reset, you can reset selected themes, transients, customized database tables, WP-uploads folder, plugins, media, and htaccess files that have been uploaded to date.


There can be ample reasons why you would need to reset your WordPress website. If you are into testing codes, upload images, or installing new plugins/themes, then you may find the need to use the reset plugin frequently. Additionally, you should also learn about using page redirects in WP. Check for more info.

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