How To Know If Your Pet Has Fever?

Determining whether your pet has a fever or not is one of the most challenging tasks that pet owners have. This is because pets, unlike humans, can’t speak up and say that they are feeling sick. It is, therefore, up to the pet owner to figure it out before they get worse. One of the age-old methods that many people use is to feel the noses of their cats and dogs. If the nose is wet and cold, then it means that they are in perfect health. However, if it is dry and hot, then it could be a sign of fever. This nose test is effective, but it is not enough to make an accurate assessment of fever in your pet. Below are ways in which you can know if your pet has a fever.

Hot Ears.

When your pet has a fever, you will notice that their ears are unusually hot. However, it is crucial to be careful with this sign since the average temperature of a dog or cat is usually higher than that of humans; hence it is normal for their skin to feel warmer. When your pet has a fever, the ears will feel warmer than usual since they are the most noticeable area. Also, they have lots of blood vessels near the skin surface and thinner hair than the rest of the body. This makes it easy to detect a change in temperature in this part of the body.


This is a common symptom with both pets and human beings. You will find your dog or cat shivering when they have a fever. This will happen because their body temperature is unusually high; hence the surrounding air is frigid in comparison. As a result, they will shiver even though the room is warm. As much as pets will shiver because of a fever, there are numerous other reasons why this may be so. Some of them include anxiety or pain. It is therefore advised to be sure of the reason for their shivering.

Acting Lethargic.

When pets have a fever, they will act depressed or lethargic, the majority of the time. Their energy levels will drop, and they will seem tired and sluggish. If you note that they have the above symptoms, and are also lethargic, then they could be having a fever. Also, it is essential to note that other causes of them acting sluggish could be nausea, weakness, or pain.

Use A Thermometer.

The surest way to know if your pet has a fever is to use a rectal thermometer. A digital rectal thermometer will be the perfect solution as it will register the pet’s temperature in less than 60 seconds. Once you have bought it, you should lubricate it with baby oil or petroleum jelly before inserting it into the pet’s rectum. If you find that the temperature is higher than 100-102 degrees, then it could be a cause for concern.

With the above signs, you will be able to tell if your pet has a fever. It is, however, advised against giving them human medication since it could be toxic for them. Once you find that your dog has a temperature, it is recommended to see a vet as soon as possible. If you need more expert advice on this, you should check out

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