How to use CNC Machines? Explaining the whole process of CNC Machining services!

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and it works on the basis of instructions fed the controller part of the machine. The machine comprises of a small computer (microcomputer) which is the main controlling unit of the machine.

Difference between CNC machine and traditional NC machine

Generally the traditional Numerical control machine works on the program is inserted into the punch cards. On the other hand, a CNC machine works on the basis of the program inserted into a small microchip board which is quite similar to the traditional keyboard.

This program is written in the form of codes by the programmer, who can even edit the program as per the requirement or changes needed in the CNC machine. The programs can be applied for different purposes and need not to be inserted again and again like the traditional NC machines but instead changes can be made in the primary program to meet the new requirement.

How CNC machine works?

As per the requirement of the application, a program is fed into the machine for example we can create a program for cutting metals as a part of the CNC machine. All the requirements like dimensions, cutting time, duration, procedure and added parameters are fed into the computer based on the coding of the program. The CNC machining services (for programming and manufacturing) consist of machine program which directs the cutting tool. The working of a CNC machine can be compared to functioning of a Robot which works on the basis of given set of instructions given to it or fed into the microcomputer. CNC machine can be used to run for the tools like lathe machines, mill machines, drilling etc. the main purpose of running the CNC machine is to critically remove the metal pieces into proper shapes like round, rectangular, square etc. Below is the functioning of the CNC machine.

  1. Check the requirement of job.
  2. Create a program with parameters which need to precisely cut as per the requirement and this data need to be modified in the primary program.
  3. Load the required data inside the CNC machine by directly connecting to it and burning the program inside its microcomputer directly.
  4. The operator sets the parameter (static parameters before starting the program)
  5. Start the machine by turning on the machine switch.
  6. The computer directs the machine to perform the operations as per the program instruction given to it.
  7. The machine works on the given set of instructions and outputs the end results.

Which one is better? A quick comparison!

If you compare the traditional methods of operation of the machines performed by an operator, most of the machines would require a lot of technical expertise of an operator who can perform changes in the machines as per the requirement. The jobs need to be manually made and the operator needs to do all the precision jobs. So there was a lot of dependency on the operators whereas, in the new CNC machines, the role of the operator has been minimized. CNC machine can automatically cut the metals based on the program instructions fed into its microcomputer.

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