Podiatrists Face Malpractice Claims in Wake of Pandemic

Along with many changes and new rules during the pandemic, also comes malpractice claims, even for a podiatrist.

It is hard to believe, but the shutdown has actually led to an increase in medical malpractice claims. Most of these claims are not directly related to Covid-19, but medical malpractice claims are nothing new during recessions, which we saw during the last recession in 2008.

The Impact on Podiatrists

Due to the pandemic, many practices have had to apply for the PPP loan or face bankruptcy.

Or, another way to get cash fast is to recommend and perform surgery on patients that aren’t necessarily needed. Of course, not all podiatrists will follow suit, but it has become a rising trend during recessions. This usually impacts patients with borderline issues, where podiatrists who are desperate for extra cash might lean towards surgery instead of other treatment options.

On the other side of things, when lawyers need to get cash, they tend to push for malpractice suits. So, when these unnecessary surgeries come about, lawyers have a reason to push their clients to sue.

Why Does This Happen?

Unfortunately, most industries and people have been hit hard by the pandemic. This is causing people to do whatever they can to keep their cash flow flowing. In addition, fear that has been brought on by the pandemic can lead individuals into making poor decisions, even in their professional field.

You can expect to see claims pop up in the next few months and even the next few years. Yes, some of these claims have merit, while others may not. To avoid any issues, you should always seek the treatment of any foot or ankle issues from a trusting and liable podiatrist.

Picking the Right Podiatrist

Don’t let the fear of unneeded surgery and medical malpractice claims cause you from getting the treatment you may need for foot and ankle pain from a top podiatrist in Scottsdale. Luckily, The Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona doesn’t fall into that negative realm and is a dependable practice. You can count on their team to always offer the most honest diagnosis and treatment plan, tailored to each patient. Located in Arizona, The Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona is open and currently seeing patients.

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