What Are the Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress?

When you like someone’s work, and if you want to know more about the person, you will try and find their profile, or other works they had published. Author Box helps users to follow the works or writers they admire. It provides a face to the content, and says that an actual person is behind the articles and posts.

It provides the author’s description, links to the profile, links to some other similar posts, their other social media profiles, and more. An author bio WordPress plugin can help you in customizing your own author box according to your theme, color palette, information, etc.

List of best author box WordPress plugins

The following are a list of the best WordPress plugins for author bio boxes.

Simple Author Box  

This is ranked as the number one author box plugin, as it is the most popular one used by WordPress users. It provides the basic functions such as customizing the information of the author, links to other pages, the no-follow link, custom colors, and typography that people are known to use.

Additionally, it also provides additional facilities such as Guest Authors feature, where authors can blog as a guest on your page. Moreover, multiple authors are allowed to work on the same blog post, and you can even control the pages where you want the author box to be visible.

Co-Author Plus

Sometimes some large posts and projects require the contribution of multiple authors. You may not be able to give credit to all of the bloggers. That however can be made possible with the help of this plugin. You can display the names of multiple authors with their author boxes with the Co-Author Plus template tags.

WP About Author

This is a plugin with simple interface, but it gets the job done efficiently. It allows you to put out information about the author, change the author photo style, and display the author box of front pages, RSS feeds, and archives.

Fancier Author Box

This plugin shows the author information on the author box below, and even shows other posts of the author on the side of the page. You are provided with full control to customize the information box in any manner you want. Furthermore, you can also disable the author bio box in any user profiles.

Author Box Ultimate

This plugin tool comes with its own set of template themes and background images that you can choose from. You can try out different combinations of their backgrounds fonts, and styles. You can enable this plugin by clicking on the content tab and enabling it for posts and pages.

Author Bio Box

This is a simple and basic plugin that offers the basic options for an author box. You can add colors, the social profiles, change gravatar sizes, and add the necessary information.

If you are looking for the best plugin to add an author bio box on WordPress, we recommend the Simple Author Box Pro. It is developed by WebFactory Ltd. They are the makers of other popular plugins such as the coming soon page for WordPress. It allows you to renovate your pages, without having to show the error page. You can easily create features-rich and user-friendly Coming Soon pages.

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