What is an Overhead Crane?

The construction industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy. The number of machinery used for construction purposes has increased significantly thanks to technology.

You’ve probably seen a crane before on-site and might be wondering, what exactly is it? Well, this read is for you!

Definition of an overhead crane

An overhead crane is a piece of equipment used in all types of construction work. It is used to lift and move heavy objects like containers, beams, pipes, and various tools. The name comes from the fact that these cranes are generally suspended from an overhead beam, gantry, or similar structure so that they can span large areas. These cranes range in size and capacity, though many of them use standard-sized footprints so that they can move from one site to another without a problem.

Components of an overhead crane

Knowing the crane components comes in handy when inspecting, using, and repairing the crane. Also, it enables you to decide the exact type of overhead crane from Kor Park that you should buy. The different parts in an overhead crane are:

  • Crane beam – This is the structure that supports all of the crane’s components, including the hoist and trolley.
  • Hoist – The overhead crane’s hoist is the equipment that performs all of the lifting. The hoist includes the wire rope, drum, brake assembly, sheaves, and related equipment.
  • Trolley – This is the assembly attached to the crane’s hoist by wire rope, and it runs along the crane beam to move objects from one location to another.
  • Boom arm- The boom arm is the part attached to the machine for transporting loads from one location to another and positioning the load.
  • Carriage- This is the part of the crane that slides along the boom arm in order to move loads. It includes a rail assembly for this purpose.
  • Pallet forks – These are also known as spreader beams, and they are used for moving loads horizontally.

Types of overhead cranes

There are different types of overhead cranes, all of which are designed to fulfill different production needs. Here are the categories (along with general types):

  • General manufacturing overhead cranes – These can range from small to medium in size, and they are used to lift large masses. They’re usually found on production lines.
  • Building and Construction overhead cranes – These are smaller than the general types, and they’re used for lifting cargoes that are either packaged or unpackaged.
  • Warehouse overhead cranes – These can be mobile or fixed, and they are used for unloading and loading pallets of cargo. They’re mostly found in warehouses.
  • Vehicle and machine overhead cranes – These are used to lift large masses, and they have an automated system for positioning the crane. They’re mostly used in the automotive and machine industries.
  • Industrial overhead cranes – These are the largest of all, and they can be fixed or mobile. They are used for the transport of large masses, and they have a system for positioning the load as well.

Cranes make work easier in any project because they can move large objects with ease. Be sure to choose the type of overhead crane that is best suited for your project.

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