List of 7 Air-Purifying Plants Recommended by NASA

For ages, people have lined their windowsills, decked their balconies, and enriched their gardens with green plants. Some go for the colourful flowering plants while others like to beautify the landscape with foliage plants. Many love to have a mix of both ferns and flowers. 

Lately, people are nourishing and nurturing air-purifying plants because the air surrounding us is unbreathable because of high levels of carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other pollutants. 

Air-cleansing plants have air-boosting properties, thus killing harmful toxins in the environs and making the air breathable for the living organisms. 

NASA– the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, carried out the Clean Air Study where they released a list of indoor plants potent at removing carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and ammonia from the atmosphere–chemicals that have been linked to adverse health effects. 

A  clean and healthy home is vital for salubrious health, and these seven air-purification plants do more wonders than you could think! 

1 Peace Lily Plant: It’s time for peaceful and restful slumbers! Bring home the evergreen herbaceous plant producing large white flowers–the peace lily plant. According to NASA clean air study, the plant releases oxygen during photosynthesis and cleans the air from volatile organic compounds. Additionally, the plant is non-demanding. 

2 Spider Plant: Bless your home with the best of both worlds: foliage and oxygenated air. The Spider plant is easy to grow houseplant with effective capabilities in purifying the air from xylene and formaldehyde. If you take well-care of the plant, it may grace you with white offsprings. 

3 Aloe Vera Plant: Aloe Vera has so much to offer than the medicinal benefits, only if you are willing to embrace it. The fleshy, succulent aloe vera plant has proven its effectiveness in disinfecting the air from various toxicants and impurities. 

4 English Ivy Plant: It is classified as woody vines; it is also a climber, but most importantly, it is an air-purifying plant. Cultivate the plant because it will make your house a beautiful and healthy place to live. 

5 Bamboo Palm Plant: Don’t let the word Bamboo fool you. It’s bamboo palms and not bamboo plants. Bamboo palm or Chamaedorea– the plant brings indoor colour, warmth, and fresh air. NASA tested the bamboo palm for air-purifying qualities, and the results were positive. 

6 Variegated Sansevieria: Snake Plant it is! An evergreen perennial plant with dense stands exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide during the metabolism process. As a result, oxygen is released at night, thereby allowing you to have a good sleep and wake up fresh the next morning. 

7 Florist’s Chrysanthemum: Nurture flowers and health at home. Florist’s Chrysanthemum is an indoor plant that filters the surrounding air from chemicals and harmful substances as well as bears blooming flowers in vivid colours. 

It’s time for fresh air because NASA recommended air-purifying plants are available at your fingertips. Bring home yours now! 

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