Things To Consider While Looking For A Load Cell Sensor

The basic concept of a load cell is relatively straightforward. It is a force transducer that can convert compression, pressure, or tension into a standardized measurable electrical signal. But considering to buy a load cell will require a little more knowledge. There are certain things to consider to ensure you have the exact load cell. 

A variety of load cells

Over the years, we have seen a lot of improvements in load cell manufacturing. We now have numerous types of force transducers available for us. Some companies are even providing custom made load cells based on individual requirements. So going blindfolded to get one might not be a good idea. Do a little bit of research, and you can have the perfect sensor.

Here are some things that you should consider while getting a new load cell. 

  • The amount of load used: Every load cell comes with a threshold beyond which they will break. There are cells available on varying levels of capacity. The sensor purchased should be able to handle the maximum load you are going to use on it. If you use anything over its maximum capacity, this can break the load cell and will cost you more money to buy a new one.
  • The level of accuracy required: The more accuracy you need on the load cell, the more money you need to spend. So the level of precision should be decided very carefully. In some cases, like medical application, higher accuracy is something we can’t possibly avoid. Always make sure you have the perfect one, but it is not required to spend a higher budget if you don’t need a very high level of accuracy.

  • The required Response Time: The time every load cell takes to respond with value also differs from one to another. Higher response time can help you increase the total process time. But, if your requirement doesn’t need the load cell to give a faster response, you can go for a comparatively lower one to reduce the total budget.
  • Usage duration: The duration of time you are going to use the load cell sensor is also important. If you have a continuous running process, you will need a sensor that can handle continuous load and increased temperature. If you have a comparatively lowe usage, you can go with a low budget one instead of unwantedly wasting a lot of money on a high-end load cell.

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