The Most Convenient and Effective Online GMAT Prep Program by Experts’ Global

Gaining admit to one’s preferred MBA program mandates a good GMAT score. Naturally, there are several coaching centers that provide GMAT coaching. However, preparing for and taking the GMAT is a serious commitment of time and energy, and hence it is crucial to choose a coaching service that can live up to its claims. The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program, an online on-demand program, is one of the best GMAT prep programs as it is rich in resources, it is convenient, it is comprehensive, and it includes some of the finest technical features. Experts’ Global rolled out its online GMAT prep package in 2018, and since then, 1000s of students have taken up this program.

Let us discuss a few important features of this prep program

Ease of use

A foremost concern among working professionals looking to prepare for GMAT is time-management. Joining live classroom requires commitment to a given schedule, one that can be missed owing to deliverables at work. Besides, one will also have to deal with the hassles of commuting to and fro the coaching center. A well-equipped online training program, in such a scenario, is the best option. The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program helps the student optimize his/her time and study according to a personal schedule that best suits his/her specific requirements.

Identical to the GMAT

Any prep material should closely replicate the content, scope, and type of the real test; and Experts’ Global online GMAT program has achieved just that. The four thousand training questions and GMAT mock test questions, that are included in the package, minutely mimic the GMAT in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. Even, although the GMAT scoring pattern is not public knowledge, Experts’ Global has been able to accurately replicate the scoring pattern in its GMAT online prep module. This is a significant achievement and a remarkable feature, in favor of Experts’ Global online GMAT prep series. That the scoring pattern is identical is evidenced by the students’ report of similarity between their GMAT mock scores and GMAT scores.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global online GMAT prep package includes the highest number of mock tests provided by any GMAT prep program. 15 full-length mock tests, replicating the question pattern and type and the scoring pattern, is the perfect practice material for a GMAT aspirant. The repeated number of mock tests helps the student build test-taking endurance and test-taking strategy.  The similarity on all aspects with the GMAT also ascertains that you obtain an apt assessment of your GMAT performance. You can even take the free GMAT mock.

Weakness Diagnosis

This GMAT prep package is further bolstered by an analytics software. The student is presented with a performance report, after every mock test. This software reads the performance in the test, including the time spent on each question, and provides a report on the sections that the student performed the best and the worst in. The software can even analyze the previous performances to give the student a broader outlook of their specific weaknesses. This is actually helpful because the only way to improve your performance is to understand your weak areas.

Video Instruction

Another interesting aspect of these mock tests is the inclusion of a series of instructional videos. Each of the questions is followed by a video explanation of the concept. Thus, you can refer to the same if you are unable to solve a question or want an efficient method to solve the question. If you want, you can even use the text explanation, instead of the video explanation.

Special Features

Experts’ Global, in preparing the GMAT online prep program, has tried to ensure maximum convenience for its students. Thus, the team has taken special care of even the basic aspects of the preparation process.  For example, while you make headway, reading the concepts and answering the questions, you may find a question particularly interesting or challenging. You can use the Flag feature to mark the question and revise it whenever you want to. You can even fix a small, colorful pop-up screen on your front page to make notes while you are solving questions and watching videos. This feature is called the Sticky.

Thus, Experts’ Global has ensured convenience and maximized the learning experience by preparing a highly meticulous and thoroughly researched online GMAT prep program.

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