Fun Activities to Learn Table of 8 for Kids

Learning multiplication tables helps kids to solve math problems with accuracy and speed. Due to this, there will be development of mathematical skills among children. Sometimes, kids might find it hard to remember tables at the beginning of their learning process. But eventually, they will learn to grasp the numbers more quickly. However, learning a table of 8 is extremely important for kids. It will help them to solve any multiplication and  arithmetic problems easily. Memorizing table of 8 can be challenging for kids but once they are acquainted, it will help them to solve any problems in less time.

At the beginning, kids are introduced to times tables so that they can learn and use them for calculating problems. With these 8 times table, kids can solve multiplication and division problems effortlessly. To increase their retention power, you can adapt simple tips and tricks to teach multiplication tables. These activities will keep them engaged in learning tables more efficiently. Kids must remember that learning tables will improve their mathematical skills drastically.

Sometimes, teaching tables for kids might be a challenging task. In such cases, you must think of a well planned technique to teach the times table. You can explore engaging activities so that your kids will concentrate on things that they are interested in. Some of the interesting activities for learning multiplication tables are given below.

Engaging Activities To Learn Times Table

It is important for kids to recall the times table while solving any mathematical problem. This instant recall will help them to solve the problems accurately. For that, kids must be introduced to simple activities that will help them to remember the multiplication tables. Some of the activities are as follows:

  • Multiplication Table Chart: Providing printable multiplication charts will help the children to memorize the tables more efficiently. They can take a print out and stick it on the wall or carry along with them anywhere to learn and practice. They can recite multiplication tables loudly for developing good mathematical skills. Below is a printable multiplication table of 8 up to 20 given below:
8 x 1= 8

8 x 2= 16

8 x 3= 24

8 x 4= 32

8 x 5= 40

8 x 6= 48

8 x 7= 56

8 x 8= 64

8 x 9= 72

8 x 10= 80

8 x 11= 88

8 x 12= 96

8 x 13= 104

8 x 14= 112

8 x 15= 120

8 x 16= 128

8 x 17= 136

8 x 18= 144

8 x 19= 152

8 x 20= 160

  • Riddles: Kids are very curious in nature and want to know everything around them. If you ask them questions, they try to critically think and come up with logical answers. Therefore, you can teach multiplication tables with the help of riddles. Asking questions related to the times table will help them to recall and memorize effortlessly. For example, Sam kept 8 apples in a carton box. How many apples did he keep in 10 boxes? The answer is 8 x 10= 80. Therefore, 80 apples are kept in 10 boxes. Similarly, you create such questions on multiplication tables.

Benefits Of Learning Times Table

Learning multiplication tables is very important for kids so that they can solve any arithmetic problems easily. Multiplication tables are the building blocks of mathematics. Before learning table 8, kids must be thorough with 1 to 7 times table so that they can move on to the complex ones. Some of the advantages of learning tables are mentioned below:

  • Develops good mathematical skills.
  • Enables understanding of mathematical concepts more easily.
  • Enables children to solve problems more accurately.
  • Boost the confidence of children to perform well in their academics.

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