Engineering Education System Needs Serious Reforms 

The engineering education system has most of the corruption happening since the 90s in India. This is one of the most refined professions in India and due to its high salaried and very reputed jobs students are being attracted by this career and due to many students pursuing NIIT and IITs, the scope of getting admissions to large no of students has been decreased. This problem of not getting admission has taken Indian students to follow unethical practices of getting admissions into these prestigious colleges of India. This makes this course to face lots of corruption in its education system as it involves various reservations, Bribes, and very unethical activities happening to get admissions in those prestigious colleges of India.

Immensity of the Issue 

The corruption is lots in the developing countries such as India, and the corruption affects the most to the developing countries but the corruption is also present in US, England in various intensities.

The countries facing an issue of corruption faces a loss in the economic sector which generally make these countries suffer poverty at a great level. Corruption is currently a major problem with the potential to get much worse than before.

What all this happening in India

The engineers and the students (to be engineers) do all the unethical activities such as Frauds, Money Laundering, Kickbacks and bribery for personal benefits. These activities make the students corrupt at a very young age. These activities also make a very bad approach towards this career among the rising youth which is very much alarming concern for the existing engineering studies authorities.

Measures we need to take for this issue 

Due to his rising issue of corrupt education system in the field of Engineering we need to take various measures but the scientists have only one method for this issue is promoting ethical activities in this field and the promotion of these ethical activities can be done in many ways such as:

  1. Promotion through professional societies: These societies are educated and they have lots of contacts that can help to resolve this issue.
  2. Lenders: Major lenders such as world bank give loans to the various governments of the countries but then if these organizations stop giving loans to the governments then these countries would definitely start ensuring the prohibition of corruption in the engineering faculty.

So we need to follow some serious measures to stop this corruption happening in this field of engineering in its education system.

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