How To Fix Five Usual Garage Door Issues

Garage doors are a common necessity that often malfunction. Located on the front of the garage they keep dirt, intruders and weather out of your garage. Garages are nice during the weather of hot or cold. This helps ensure that your car stays at a decent temperature. But oftentimes if your garage door mal functions then you may need to call a guy to come and repair it. Here are a few simple reasons that your garage door may be malfunctioning. Here are a few reasons that you should probably give your man who does garage door repair in Frisco a call.

Garage Door Doesn’t Open

A super common inconvenience is if your garage door refuses to open. There are many reasons that this could happen. The sensor that ensures that the garage door can’t come down on a person or object could be blocked. The track that the garage door could be malfunctioning and not letting the door move. Along with that there could be problems with the motor that is not enabling the door to open or close. These few common problems are hard to diagnose. So sometimes it is just easier to call for help.

Making Funny Noise

If the motor on your garage door is making a funny noise then that is definitely not a good sign. Along with that if the garage door is slamming up and down then that is definitely a problem as well.

Door Won’t Close

If a garage door will open all day long but refuse to close then that is typically a sensor problem. There is a sensor that is installed at the base of your garage door that shoots a beam across. If anything comes into that beam the garage door will not close. This ensures that the garage door can’t come down on a person or object. However, if it gets dirty or has something in front of it it can cause the door to not close. It hopefully is typically an easy fix. But if cleaning it doesn’t fix the problem it may be a problem inside the sensor and you will have to call your garage door repair in Frisco.

Maintenance Problems

Just like any other machine if a garage door isn’t properly maintained then it will malfunction. Be sure to be checking your garage door annually. Ensure that the tracks are properly installed and in good shape. Be sure to oil the motor and keep the tracks clear of dirt and debris. Also, annually is a good time to check the sensors and clean them off. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do this maintenance then be sure to have your garage repair man come once a year to keep everything maintained. Keeping things maintained well can help ensure any big and expensive problems that could come along. You will want to be sure to keep everything running smoothly so you don’t find yourself or your car trapped in your garage.

Garage doors are every day conveniences that we take for granted. But there are a few common things that can cause a garage door not to work properly. In this event then it is always a good idea to just call a garage door repair man. some garage door repairs are simple and can easily be done by you. But some problems require installation of new equipment or parts and requires a repair man. It is always a good idea to call the repair man with any issues. This will help ensure that you get it fixed easily and quickly.

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